Student Leadership

School Captains
At the end of Grade 5, students are invited to apply for the role of School Captain. After reading the applications and interviewing students, four are chosen as School Captains for the following school year. The School Captains are the student leaders of the school and are positive role models for their peers. School Captains take a central role at weekly assemblies, presenting the You Can Do It Values Awards.

House Captains
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YCDI Leaders
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Make a Difference (MAD) Team
A small group of Grade 6 students form the 'MAD Team'. These students, led by Mrs Fisher, serve a morning tea to disabled adults at the Montrose Church of Christ. Students spend the day before the morning tea, cooking and preparing the food. This occurs once per term and is an excellent opportunity for our students to make a difference in the wider Montrose community.

Well-Being Leaders
Our Well-being Leaders in each grade run regular Class Meetings where students can discuss any worries and as a class these can be problem solved. The meetings also celebrate successes through the use of our compliments box. Each term the Well-being Leaders meet to share their meeting details with the Principal, the centralising of this information is very powerful in putting in place supports and keeping the school community informed of well-being matters across the whole school. An occasional report at assembly from Well-being Leaders allows for communication and celebration of our successes.

Travel Smart Team
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Junior School Council
Two students in each Grade 3-6 class are elected as members of Junior School Council by their peers. The role of the JSC is to run one fundraiser per term for a chosen charity. Throughout the year the Junior School Councillors are given responsibility and opportunities to develop their leadership skills through attendance at JSC meetings and speaking at assembly. Two Grade 6 students are chosen as the JSC Leaders who have a central role when engaging with the wider community.

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