Visual Art

The Visual Arts program at Montrose Primary School gives the children a 50min weekly session to explore and, with guidance, use a variety of skills, techniques and processes involving modes of art making such as: Drawing, Painting, Collage, Construction, Modelling, Textiles and Multi-Media.


The children are introduced to a variety of art elements including line, shape, colour, texture, pattern and form. They are encouraged to discuss and share their work and the work of other children and well known artists. As the children move through the school the engagement fosters personal expression, critical and creative thinking and interpersonal communication skills.

The children’s work is showcased in our many corridor displays and at local galleries. The topics that are introduced are often based on integrated units of work in the classroom or whole school activities but all modes are covered each year.


We also have an open night to celebrate The Arts in our school. Each child will have a piece of work on display and various hands on activities will be set up in classrooms for all to experience. There will be buskers and musicians to guide our visitors to each room where they can explore and create some art works and contribute to a community sculpture. The children realise the value of their art work and love to communicate their own ideas and expressions and share them with their family and the wider community.