Prep Buddies

The transition to primary school from a home and kinder environment can be a bit daunting to some children. To make the transition easier, Montrose Primary School offers:

Transition activities specially targeted for the needs of students coming into Prep.

- Dates and details of transition activities are listed in the 'Prep Transition' section of the website or from the school office.

Buddies Program is held once a week and involves students in Year 5 and Prep. Each Prep child is paired up with a Year 5 child and they participate in a range of activities such as: Teddy Bear's Picnic, making of books, craft activities and using technology.

The aims of the Buddies Program are to:

- Ease the transition into Primary School for the Prep child by providing them with a safe, reliable and positive buddy.

- Develop leadership skills amongst the Year 5 students.

- Foster a strong sense of school spirit across the school.

- Provide an avenue of support and assistance for learning, enabling enrichment and revision activities to be undertaken.

- Enhance the school culture of looking after and caring for others around us.

"Buddies" is a very enjoyable and positive activity that allows all involved to feel special and valued.

Current Grade 4 children will be involved in visiting kinders and meeting prospective prep Buddies for next year.